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Weekly Bulletin: 14th – 20th October 2018

Nakuru Court Case, HAPCA, HIV Tribunal a and the HIV and the Law: Preliminary Comment.
The case going on at the Nakuru Children’s Court is now well known among people and institutions working to reduce the spread and impact of HIV in Kenya. You can see: https://www.nation.co.ke/news/Woman-in-court-for-infecting-baby-with-HIV/1056-4777186-8wmule/index.html. The case was first reported in a section of the media. As we write this, Susan Njeri, 29 has been in the remands for more than 2 weeks and has been presented at the Children’s Court in Nakuru three times. The woman is in remands awaiting court decision for ‘knowingly’ infecting a child (not her child) with HIV through breastfeeding. Although the case touches on the core mandate of the NEPHAK and the network has been following the matter, we at the moment can only give a preliminary comment as the matter is still under the courts of law.
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