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Publications 2020-05-06T10:16:01+03:00

PLHIV Stigma Index Kenya: 2011

HIV – related stigma and discrimination are widely recognized as major barriers to accessing HIV prevention, treatment, care, and support services. The aim of NEPHAK is to document and analyze the different levels and types of stigma (both internal and external) faced by people living with HIV, as well as changes in stigma trends overtime. The purpose of the study was to collect information on stigma and discrimination as experienced by people living with HIV, specifically to:

  • Document the various experiences of PLHIV-­‐related stigma and discrimination in Kenya; and
  • Contribute to an evidence base for advocacy, policy change and programmatic interventions to address HIV-­related stigma and discrimination.

Click on the Document to access The People living with HIV Stigma index; PLHIV Stigma Index Kenya