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NEPHAK is a national Network that unites people living with HIV and those affected by TB and HIV/AIDS through post test clubs, support groups, community based organizations, non-governmental organizations and networks.

Registered in 2003, the Network’s mission is to promote greater and meaningful involvement of people living with HIV (PLHIV) in the national response to TB and HIV/AIDS.

The overall goal of NEPHAK is to improve the quality of life of people infected/affected by HIV and AIDS. To reach this goal, NEPHAK has a purpose which is to enhance the knowledge and skills of PLHIV and affected communities in Kenya to participate meaningfully in TB and HIV/AIDS response policy, decision-making, mainstreaming and programming initiatives.

NEPHAK Core Competence and Niche

NEPHAK core competence and strength is derived from the Principle of greater and meaningful involvement of people living and/or affected with HIV/AIDS (GIPA) as spelt out at the Paris AIDS Summit in 1994. In emphasizing GIPA and the right to participation, NEPHAK recognizes that the meaningful involvement of people living with HIV (PLHIV) and affected communities makes a powerful contribution by enabling individuals and communities to draw on the experience of living with HIV in responding to HIV and AIDS. NEPHAK therefore works to leverage the lived experience and channel it to the national response. This contributes to reduction of stigma and discrimination and increases the effectiveness and appropriateness of the HIV/AIDS response. In HIV prevention, NEPHAK works to empower people already infected with the virus to reduce their risk of transmission and the chances of re-infection. This not only reduces the rate of new HIV infections but also improves the quality of life of PLHIV.

Within the multi-sectoral response to TB and HIV/AIDS in Kenya, NEPHAK is responsible for mobilizing people living with HIV (PLHIV) and communities affected by Tuberculosis and building their capacity to play an active and meaningful role in the national efforts geared towards the delivery of Universal Access and human rights targets. We work to enhance AIDS and TB competence among PLHIV and to sustain social transformation.

NEPHAK work is lead by an AIDS Competent PLHIV leadership who are able to recognize causes of vulnerability and risk to HIV and TB; build the capacity of others to respond to HIV and AIDS; network to exchange and share knowledge and skills; and, to mitigate the effects of TB and AIDS. An AIDS Competent PLHIV leadership is working to trigger social transformation among PLHIV, partners, their families and communities. In other words, an AIDS Competent PLHIV leadership have demonstrated courage and ability to facilitate the process through which affected communities in Kenya mobilize and organize themselves to understand both community and individual risk perceptions, social norms which facilitate and encourage both individual demand for, and use of prevention, care, treatment and social protection services, as well as greater acceptability of targeted interventions, and reduced marginalization of most at risk populations, including sex workers and prisoners living with HIV. We aim to achieve improved quality of life of those infected and affected.

Meet Our Team

NEPHAK is led by a team of robust members with diverse experience i different areas.

Nelson Otwoma
Nelson OtwomaExecutive Director
Nelson the Executive Director at NEPHAK. He has over 15 years experience in management of public health interventions. He holds a MA and BA in Anthropology from the University of Nairobi
Arnold OtionoFinance Officer
Arnold has more than 6 years working in community HIV and AIDS, TB especially in enhancing sustainability of youth lead programmes and mobilizing resources by enhancing NEPHAK networks and partnerships.
Joash Tula
Joash Tula Finance Officer
As FO at NEPHAK, Joash Tula is tasked with coordinating and providing finance, budget and administrative support involving the recording and interpretation of financial and budgetary information.
Julius CheptareiFinance Officer
Julius is a Certified public Accountant and has over three years experience in finance and accounting at NEPHAK. He has also worked in both public and private sectors as an Accountant.
Edgar MakonaProgramme Manager
Edgar Makona is an experienced Programme Manager with extensive knowledge in implementation of different projects, currently implementing a Global Fund project targeting KPS.
Nickson KimonoI-Monitor Officer
Nickson Kimono is an I-Monitor Officer for AMREF – TB Grant. He has previous experience working for AMREF as a programme officer for several grants and projects.
Francis Ng'ang'a
Francis Ng'ang'aProject Officer
Francis has experience in the areas of SRHR, HIV & AIDS programming targeting AYP, Maternal Neonatal &Child Health. He has more than 15 years’ experience working with humanitarian organizations.
Johnson BirgenCoordinator
Johnson Birgen is the National Coordinator for Sauti Skika, a national network of adolescents and young people. The main areas of focus for Sauti Skika are Advocacy, Capacity Building, Psycho-social support groups.
Jacqueline Wambui Mwangi Project Assistant
Jacque is currently implementing the AIDS Healthcare Foundation- AHF Grant which involves mitigating the impact of HIV & AIDS on Adolescents infected & affected by HIV& AIDS.
Daisy Murunga
Daisy MurungaProject Assistant
Daisy Murunga is a Programme Assistant and the focal person for the project Operation Triple Zero (OTZ) a project targeting AYP on ART Treatment to help them achieve and maintain viral suppression.
Charles OdukProject Assistant
Charles Oduk is a Programme Assistant and the focal person for the project Operation Triple Zero (OTZ) a project targeting AYP on ART Treatment to help them achieve and maintain viral suppression.
Joseph KirimiOffice Admin
Joseph Kirimi is NEPHAK’s office Admin and Assistant. He manages the office and ensures smooth running of the office.
Gloriah Kerubo
Gloriah KeruboCommunications
Gloria is the assistant communication person at NEPHAK. She helps in managing the organization’s website, database and social media pages.
Jonathan KavitaIntern
Jonathan Kavita is a finance intern. He helps the finance department with Accounting, Auditing and procurement.