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Our Timeline

These four strategic directions ave been identified in order to realize NEPHAK’s goals

Strengthen NEPHAK to effectively provide leadership, governance, management and representation to PLHIV and communities at all levels.
Through a results based approach, NEPHAK manages its governance by providing effective leadership through visible, accountable and committed leadership for the voice and visibility of PLHIV and communities at all levels. 

 Undertake evidence based advocacy for the delivery of health services to PLHIV and communities.
By providing an improved policy and programming environment for the delivery of health services to PLHIV and communities, NEPHAK is able to advocate for adequate service delivery for PLHIV and Communities and collaborates with the relevant health research bodies in Kenya that deal with HIV&AIDS and TB to undertake operational research, document and disseminate findings. 

 Facilitate the institutional strengthening of NEPHAK member organizations to effectively design and implement interventions aimed at improving community health.
NEPHAK builds its member organizations’ capacity to enhance designing and implementing quality and effective community health interventions. NEPHAK does this by profiling the member organizations to determine their activities and interventions, conducting capacity assessments to facilitate the development and implementation of their Institutional Strengthening plans, working towards improving data quality achieved by NEPHAK and its member organizations. 

 Expand and diversify NEPHAK resources to sustain NEPHAK operations and programmes.
Through a diversified and expanded resource base to support NEPHAK operations and programmes, NEPHAK is able to develop and establish resource sustainability strategies, network and form strategic alliances with funding agencies and other partners for diversity in sources of funding that helps to build NEPHAK’s capacity to manage grants and have an active grants management system.