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The leadership of NEPHAK will this week embark on a plan to update her membership on the good practices and lessons learned under the FANIKISHA institutional strengthening project, which NEPHAK has implemented for more than 12 months. The first meeting is scheduled for Nairobi County and estimated 20 participants, including representatives of the board are

The National AIDS Control Council (NACC) is leading the National people living with HIV Stigma Index in Kenya and should therefore be able to explain the process and progress. This is according to Ms Maya Harper, the UNAIDS Country Coordinator. The Kenya UCC was responding to a letter sent to her by NEPHAK on behalf

Kenyan Ministry of Health and partners working to reduce the spread and impact of HIV in the country will this week be meeting in Nakuru town, Rift Valley to explore the strategies and approaches for adopting the revised WHO 2013 Guidelines for HIV treatment and Care. Although the team comprising scientists and clinicians will be

NEPHAK Strategic Plan II is currently undergoing a review to align it with Institutional Strengthening Plan of the organization. The process is important considering the expanded role NEPHAK is expected to play in the health response in Kenya.

NEPHAK Tuberculosis Agenda

Monday, 03 June 2013 by

In a move that has infuriated communities all over the world and confused people living with HIV and TB Patients in Kenya, 3…..

The National AIDS Control Council (NACC) has established a MARPs Policy Development Taskforce a sub-committee of NACC’s Key Populations National Steering Committee mandated to develop an overarching policy framework for MARPs in Kenya. Membership of this committee includes representatives from: the NACC Key Populations National Steering Committee, Government Ministries, NGO Service Providers, Partners and Sex