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Event of the Month October 2017

by / Sunday, 05 November 2017 / Published in Vacancies

The month of October was for NEPHAK to first look at its internal systems. This was done through active follow up with the NGOs Coordination Board ( to make sure that the new office bearers elected at an Annual General in Nakuru were accepted by the board and letter issued. This was achieved. Secondly, NEPHAK with the support of the National AIDS Control Council (NACC: to undertake the induction of the new board members. The induction workshop that also included technical staff from the NACC and NASCOP ( also included orientation of the members on new and emerging HIV response policies and strategies. Specifically, the orientation was on the new HIV treatment drug, Dolutegravir and the status of its roll-out in Kenya and the Kenya post 2015 eMTCT agenda.

However, the network has not given up on the need for health for all. In October, NEPHAK representatives joined other CSOs under the leadership of HENNET and WACI-Health to discuss the progress towards universal health coverage in Kenya. It was here that it was shared that the Kenya government through its 3rd medium term plan (MTP III) for the Vision 2030 has prioritized health for all for citizens. NEPHAK representative was in the forum to share the progress registered by CSOs and communities in the country following the 2016 UHC Day recommendations.

With the Government agreeing to include universal health coverage in its 3rd mid-term plan of the country’s blueprint of 2030, CSOs and communities have their work cut out to make sure the government delivers on this promise. The first and most question to ask is related to health financing. CSOs and communities must foster partnership with the Government to undertake health resource allocation monitoring and expenditure tracking and feedback to stakeholders and partners. In the forum, it was concluded that for the government commitment for universal health coverage to be realized, there must be an urgent increase in domestic financing to health.


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