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Board of Directors


The NEPHAK Board is made up of 11 Members: 7 Directors elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), one Director retained from the previous board, two co-opted directors and the Executive Director; the three have no voting rights. The Board members are elected to serve for a period of three years and are eligible to run for or be retained for a second maximum term.

The Board is responsible for overall governance of the Network, for developing new policies, and for approval of plans and strategies. The specific duties and responsibilities of the Board are as below:

a) Make, promote and interpret policies or rules that govern practices deemed expedient for the management of the affairs of the Network; and provide guidelines to the Secretariat for the implementation of the policies.

b) Provide guidance and direction on the development of the strategic plan; approve the strategic plan, annual operating plans, and budgets.

c) Monitor and maintain oversight of the management and implementation mandate of the Secretariat; receive and review technical reports/proposals relating to programs/studies and operations, and make policy decisions, and direct or advise the Secretariat as appropriate.

d) Establish and delegate duties to sub-committees of the Board as need arises Oversee the preparation of the AGM and AGM; ensure the Secretariat adequately coordinates the implementation of the policies sanctioned by the members at the AGM or Special AGM.

e) Appoint, monitor, appraise and terminate the services of the Executive Director; and determine his/her remuneration.

f) Approve appointment and termination of senior management team members.

g) Protect and preserve the integrity of the Network.

h) Appoint standing committees, technical task forces, ad-hoc committees or specialized committees as need arises.

i) Approval of admission of new members.

j) Receive and approve audited accounts before submission to the Annual General Meeting.

NEPHAK Board discharges its operations through four (4) standing committees namely: Policy and Strategy Committee; Finance and Accountability Committee; Resource Mobilization Committee; and Audit and Risk Committee. In addition, the Board may, from time to time, appoint technical task forces, ad-hoc committees, or specialised committees for a specific purpose from among its members and any other co-opted expertise. Such technical task forces, ad-hoc committees, or specialised committees so appointed shall be given a clear mandate and time frame within which to undertake the assigned tasks and shall stand dissolved upon the finalisation of their tasks. In constituting technical task forces, ad-hoc committees, or special committees, the Board shall have the power to draw the membership from among its voting and non-voting members and may co-opt professionals as deemed appropriate.

The Board Members are:

Irene Sarah Murunga Nangeni


Jectone Chillo

Vice Chairperson

Margaret Mwangi


Leah Kamau

Member (Representing Key Population)

Peter Odenyo

Member (Retained)

Cecilia Asaji


Gladys Lagat


Nelly Mwania (Representing Adolescents & Youth)


Melba Katsivo Katindi


Nelson Juma Otwoma

Secretary (Executive Director)